i know it's not even summer yet, but Alexa Chung's fall collection for Madewell
makes me wish it was autumn already.


better late than never

i'm months behind on this, but i've been drooling over the new Tana Lawn collection at Liberty. i can't even choose a favorite!

i'm alive!

hello, darlings!

i've been busy with projects and other things and haven't been able to update this thing in ages! i've made a lot of changes to my Etsy shop - pillows are now created and shipped without inserts, which makes the shipping way less expensive, and much quicker too (yay!).

i'm working on a bunch of new projects, and the shop will be filled with new upholstery pieces very soon. i'm also working on developing a small line of textiles that i'm very excited about!

in other news, i'm baking up a little one and have an ever-growing tummy, so all things baby-related have been on my mind... like this sweet collection of children's books from the '60s - i want to get them all!