i've been doing a lot of hand dyeing and making samples for a new collection. usually when i make a new pillow, i have to live with it for a few weeks to see how i really feel about it. i'm starting to totally love this random pattern with black dyes so this one is probably a keeper. coco's been busy growing some teeth, so she's been a little cranky but still so sweet. that's pretty much it.
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although i spend a lot (read:too much) time online reading blogs, magazines, news, etc... there's still nothing quite like holding a book in your hands. here are some recent favorites. (all photos from


h u n t :::::: i n s p i r a t i o n s

i've started a new blog over here...
thinking about and planing my next collection made me realize that it's inspired by a ton of different things and mostly i just needed a new space to try and make sense of it all. barely any words, just images (for now).


sept mois!

little coco is seven months today - i can't believe it's gone by so fast!
i'm spending the day hanging out with her and finishing up orders, and this weekend we head off to quebec city for a few days.
have a great weekend, see you next week!

(photo by andré)


handmade goodness

i just received a package of these yummy handmade soaps by sugarloafsoap and they are amazing! i'm already thinking i want to order more... (plus they're canadian - always feel better when i don't have to order from the US)

summer stool

another little stool listed in my shop!


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(photos from papernstitch)


design for kids

i have a major fascination with design for kids, and now that i have a daughter, i feel like i have an excuse to actually buy myself, i mean her, some of these. except for those amazing girard dolls, i don't think i'd have any excuse for being able to spend that much on wooden dolls, but man are they stunning!

(alexander girard dolls from here,
eames house of cards from here,
themis mobile by clara von zweigbergk from here,
and naef spiele puzzle and blocks from here)