adventures in bag-making and the search for the perfect shade of pink...

some things i've been working on lately...
since being a mom is such a big part of my life these days, i wanted to try creating a bag that was cool and practical for lugging all the stuff i suddenly need to have at all times. if i'm going to be walking around with diapers, soothers and probably some baby barf on my shirt, i might as well have a cool bag, right? i'm still playing around with these but look for some bags in my shop soon...

also, i've been experimenting with mixing dyes to get the perfect shade of pink that i'm looking for - i think this last batch might be a winner.



i wanted to take a break from all the dyeing i've been doing lately and create something with block-printing, so i made this super long scarf last night with my "black mountain" print. i love how block-printing leaves all sorts of imperfections and inconsistencies and comes out different each time. it took a while to get the print on the entire length the fabric, but it's kind of calming and satisfying to press down each print one by one...


just because i didn't waste enough time on the internet, i joined a little thing called pinterest. follow me there to see these image sources.



orange pop

orange is growing on me more and more these days, and so i keep noticing little pops of orange color everywhere. full-on orange is still a little too intense for me, but i'm loving it for accessories and little accent pieces.

photo 1 from here
photo 2 from here


a little peak

not revealing too much just yet...new collection launching soon!

it's hard to think of anything else but the horrific things the people of japan are facing.

there are several ways to donate:
1. print from here (found via bloesem)
2. print from here

you can also donate to the canadian red cross by texting ASIA to 30333 - $5 is added directly to your phone bill - or you can donate online here through paypal.


etsy faves

things have been crazy busy these days, but i thought i'd take a second to post some of my current faves on etsy...

1.black coconut cream from long winter farm - which i have and is so awesome.
2.vintage bathing suit from montréal's tarantula sisters
3.bustier from reif haus
4.crazy oversized rings from studio leanne