ballon ballon

coco loves 'ballons'. she runs around talking about 'ballons' all day, and when she sees anything round -streetlights during an early-morning walk to daycare, tomatoes at the market, lemons from our fridge - she points and yells 'ballon' with a big smile. 

i put up this paper installation in her room so she could always have 'ballons' around her, and although i'm no expert and there are tons of  imperfections, she totally loves it and can't stop looking at it. it was pretty fun to put together too. i guess when you're a mom, making huge paper balls while drinking wine on a friday night becomes your idea of pretty fun.


habitat 67

it was warm and sunny on sunday, so we went on an adventure and stopped to walk around habitat 67. i've looked at it from across the water so many times, but this was my first time near it. really fun and inspirational.