mexico clutch

being vegan and vegetarian for about 16 years means i can't really bring myself to buy things made of leather unless it's recycled and not new. this awesome clutch from k. slademade is made from vintage leather, which i'm hoping means it's recycled...?
either way, it's pretty amazing and i'd love to carry this around every day this summer.


i finally found some time to just sit down and browse my favorite blogs (yes, an exciting friday night!) and ended up on antler magazine's site, which lead me to discover beautiful dreamcatchers from land-rich, and then that lead to awesome textiles by montgomery rag.


hazel & hunter at Urban Outfitters' Space 15 Twenty

exciting news: i'm very happy to let you know that all my bags and clutches will soon be available at urban outfitters' space 15 twenty in LA!

the space looks awesome and i wish LA was just a bit closer so I could check it out!
also, maybe the coolest thing is that it's where kim gordon launched her collection a while back - uh, amazing!

i'll keep you posted on when my stuff actually hits the shelves!

(logo from space 15 twenty, photo from me)

tie-dye romper

while is was dyeing huge batches of fabric for orders, i decided to include a little romper for coco. i started with a natural cotton piece and dyed it with black dye, and the end result is an awesome black-blue-gray romper. coco seems to love it (i mean, look at her smile!), and i can't wait to dye other mini clothes for her.



i'm obsessed with these moon rings from astraleye.
they're so gorgeous, i want one in every color!


i've been so busy working on an exciting project that i've kind of forgotten to post anything on here. i'll be giving more details about what i've been working on soon!
in the meantime, i just wanted to pop in to post about these awesome hand-painted silk shirts from rachel rose. they're all painted or dyed by hand, so each one is totally one-of-a-kind and beautiful.
i've been experimenting with painting on silk lately and you can get pretty amazing results, maybe someday i'll add more silk items to my shop.



last weekend was puces pop here in montréal, and here are a few (blurry) shots of my table that i took quickly with my phone - thanks to everyone who came by to say hi and purchased some stuff! while i was there all day saturday and sunday, coco got to spend some quality daddy time. here they are cuddling and having a latte.


dreamcatcher + fire priestess

two new bag styles have been added to my shop: the dreamcatcher and the fire priestess tote bags. these are made from thick, untreated cotton canvas and dyed by hand, and are made smaller than my other huge totes - they are just the perfect size for a carry-all tote.

find them in my shop + on etsy, or if you're in montréal, i'm selling some at puces pop this weekend!


puces pop this weekend

spring puces pop takes place saturday (today!) and sunday in montreal! come take a look at all the great things from artisans and crafters, and drop by to say hi. i'll have tote bags and clutches selling at special prices, so get it while you can!

this week has been insanely busy, so sorry for the lack of posts. i'm working on a few exciting projects that i'll post about a bit later xx