(photo by aaron feaver from here)

waking up to another gloomy and rainy day is no fun.
i've been busy dying and filling orders, and hanging out with little coco though, which is plenty of fun.
updates soon!



i've been so inspired lately by all the creativity here in montréal, so i've decided to start a weekly feature on local designers.

first up is ursa minor studio from designer
elizabeth hudson. i just recently discovered this line of clothing and accessories and i love the use of natural fibers like organic cotton, linen and silk mixed with leather and tough details. her silk tank tops are dyed by hand and are on my wish list for this summer.

clockwise from top: 1, 2, 3, 4



...this romper from snoozer loser. i love that their collections are made mostly from organic/vintage fabrics and printed by hand in nyc. (found via lawn party)

working on...

a hand-dyed hemp clutch - medium-size (a larger version of this one).

dark crystal

love these dark crystal pieces by collage artist brandi strickland


different but the same...

if you know a little bit about hazel & hunter, you know that we pride ourselves on using organic and locally-sourced materials... since a slightly higher volume of sales has used up all of our supply of the particular metalwear that we sourced from small, local vendors, we're currently making the gypsy and warrior tote bags without the metal rings - like in these photos. (not for past orders, just starting now).

oh, and in case you're in montréal and are dyeing (yes, i had to make that lame joke) to get a h&h hand-dyed tote bag but hate shipping fees, there are a few available at boutique unicorn right now (with metal)!



i've been anxiously waiting for anaïse to open - a beautifully-curated online shop!

just as i suspected from following owner renee's always-awesome blog montmarte, it's amazing.


i'm loving the etsy shop comod right now - i wish that vintage dyes and tints storage box could be mine!