after a long night with little miss coco, who decided to wake up every 1.5 hours last night (!!!), i'm remembering what inspired the above design. she was just a newborn when i was finalizing the last collection, and after spending day after day telling myself that 'everything will be okay', i knew i had to include my mantra in a design somehow. the stripes and text were drawn by hand and then screen-printed onto the fabric. now i keep one of these in coco's room for long nights that stretch into blurry days like today...

deep breath. everything will be okay.


  1. Oh I completely know where you are coming from...mine is the same at night, and I'm a mess much of the time! 'It gets better' is my mantra! Love the cushion.

  2. thank you for the encouragment, kerry! i'll keep telling myself that it gets better too :)