textile treasures + puces pop

now that it finally feels like spring, i take coco for long walks where we usually stop by the market to pick up fruit, and then the garment district for me to stock up on supplies and browse, and where coco loves looking at all the rolls of fabric and tries to grab everything.

since i mostly work with organic, untreated fabrics that i order from my supplier for dyeing and printing, i rarely buy textiles from these shop...but today i was lured into this tiny hole-of-a-shop that had amazing colorful fabric and i was greeted by a stylish man who basically got busy running around and pulling out all these awesome fabrics for me to look at, mostly dead stock and vintage finds. anyway, i couldn't resist the two fabrics above, both dead stock and in perfect condition. the colorful aztec print is on natural printed linen, and the pastel fabric is a mix of silk, cotton and linen. i'm not sure what i'll be doing with them yet, but i'm thinking of possibly making one-of-a-kind, limited-edition bags or clutches for the upcoming Spring Puces Pop taking place in early june (i'll be there along with some other awesome makers/designers/artists)


  1. thanks for your nice comment :) i think these pretty prints are my soul mates, especially the one on the left...you are lucky :)

  2. thanks guys!
    krystal, if i make something out of the fabric, i can always send you one :)