fin de weekend

a little recap of the weekend on this chilly monday morning. 
on saturday, my husband made a delicious breakfast apple couscous bake. it was the perfect fall morning breakfast and we polished off the whole thing. it was healthy though so we didn't feel that bad.

i did a little bit of work preparing some wholesale orders for anthropologie. if you haven't heard yet, the store opening here in montréal is pushed back until january, but i know it'll sneak up on me anyway so i want to be prepared. on sunday we hit up the museum of contemporary arts, and coco almost slept through the whole thing. thankfully she woke up in the middle of our visit and was able to see some cool work.  here's a little peak at the seripop exhibit - we weren't able to take photos so i snapped this really quickly with my iphone while no one was looking.

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